Monday, March 16, 2015


Human Rights Campaign Comes Out
with a Glorious Night to Celebrate Diversity.

by Ilene Proctor

volve was the key word at the Human Rights Campaign fundraiser March 14 at the JW Marriot Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The word has depth. It has meaning. It's the word that separates the tolerant from the intolerant, the educated from the uneducated, and the tru Christians from the faux Christians.
In the U.S., despite the Second Amendment separating Church and State, we have continually seen issues like abortion and same sex marriage become wedge issues in the political arena with the religious right wing playing an unduly influential role. As a result, politics has played a major role in the gay marriage debate as we saw in Proposition 8 in California, and the recent banning initiatives in several states.

The fact is the nation is evolving which is why HRC uses that world so prolifically. Today, because of the brilliant organizational skills of HRC, gay rights and same sex marriage as a civil right in line with the equal protection amendment (14) is now becoming an acceptable and reasonable approach.

Same sex marriage in an evolved (here's that word again) and democratic society is no longer seen as the sole domain of organized religion. While America is known for its religious freedom, gay rights should not be viewed through the narrow prism of religious precepts. Rather, it must rightly become a matter of human equality and  civil rights. Senator Frankin (D-MN) opened his speech by giving a brief history of the battle for marriage equality.
 Quoting liberally from that sage of Sacramento, former (Thank God) Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger who spoke so passionately about the sanctity of same-sex marriage in his first term. Apparently, in his second term, Schwarzenegger's amnesia continued, and he again rejected to pass marriage equality. Senator Frankin then announced he was the first Minnesota Senator to support same-sex marriage and he was introducing a bill for all LGBT members that will ban all discrimination in housing, employment, credit.

Lance Bass, the former NSYNC member, 35, declared how happy he was now that he was allowed to marry the man he loves, Michael Turchin, 27.

It's a bird, it's a plane,k it's super gorgeous Broadway Star Cheyenne Jackson who with his spouse Monte Lapka said he longed to play in a musical comedy about the Human Rights Campaign. And of course, he will play the leading lady, he winked.

Beautiful actress activist Maria Bello who I personally marched with in protest to George W. Bush's war in Iraq wrote a book I recommend to one and everyone:"" Whatever, Love is Love, Questioning the labels we give Ourselves.

The role model to end all role models, the remarkable Shonda Rhimes (Scandal, Grey's Anatomy) was honored by HRC, spoke passionately about her efforts to normalize diversity.

Mariah Carey after being slammed by Human Rights Group for Concert in Angola redeemed herself by singing Hero at HRC and got a five minute standing ovation.